Wyeth Nutrition brands achieve plastic neutrality

Jun 25, 2021


Setting a new milestone in its sustainability efforts, Wyeth Nutrition has been Certified Plastic Neutral for a number of its brands. The maker of high-quality milk products such as PROMIL Gold Four, PROMIL Four, and Bonakid Pre-School 3+, Wyeth Nutrition committed to pursuing plastic neutrality in January of this year, and PCX today announced that the company has successfully offset 100% of the verified plastic footprint for these product lines.

“Wyeth Nutrition believes in healthier tomorrows, not just for our consumers, but for the planet as well,” said Communications Director Michelle Acuña. “Going plastic neutral means we’ve succeeded in collecting and eliminating the amount of plastic waste equivalent to what was generated from our packaging last year, stopping it from polluting the environment.”

Congratulating the company on this success, PCX founder Nanette Medved-Po said, “Wyeth Nutrition has made an important commitment to fight plastic pollution, protect our ecosystem, and uplift communities by achieving Plastic Neutral Certification. By going Plastic Neutral, Wyeth Nutrition has stopped over 800,000 kilograms of plastic from making its way into nature, helping to care for the planet and its people, whose health is inextricably linked to one another.”

Wyeth Nutrition joins a global movement of businesses that have taken bold and effective action by offsetting as much plastic as they have generated in their last year of operations, with a commitment to continue offsetting for at least the next two years.