US-based Haven’s Kitchen joins PCX

Jul 01, 2022


Haven’s Kitchen, a creative cooking company based in New York City, USA, has pledged to take responsibility for its plastic footprint through PCX.

The company started out as a cooking school in 2012. Since then, Haven’s Kitchen has expanded to sell homemade sauces that are vegan, non-GMO, and come in sustainable, recyclable pouches. In comparison with the more typical glass bottles and jars, Haven’s Kitchen Pouches use 80% less water to produce, 78% fewer carbon emissions, and 33% less impact on landfills. Its bold commitment to sustainability shines through in all products, and the company’s pledge to offset its plastic footprint is a step toward further amplifying its current impact.

“Haven’s Kitchen is already a leader in making cooking more fun and approachable,” says Patrick Baskin, PCX’s US Director of Development. “We’re excited to work with them in their sustainability journey towards a Net Zero Waste future.”

PCX Founder and Executive Chair, Nanette Medved-Po, reinforced PCX’s commitment to helping more companies join the fight against plastic pollution: “PCX strives to make plastic responsibility accessible, regardless of industry or geography. Plastic waste is a global problem which needs everyone’s participation if we want to see meaningful progress.”

Haven’s Kitchen is just one of the several US brands that have recently joined PCX’s global community in the fight to ensure that no plastic waste winds up in nature.