‘SDG Gold Credit’ launches in PCX Markets

Apr 22, 2022


The credit is the first of its kind and addresses three areas of impact.

With the shared objective of providing more opportunities for companies to contribute to positive change, PCX partnered with HOPE to generate the ‘SDG Gold Credit.’ Inspired by the collective call to action of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which address various global challenges, this credit goes beyond plastic waste management by including impact areas such as education and livelihood.

The bundled credit offers companies the chance to engage in three key activities: plastic offsets, carbon offsets, and investments in education that help build public school classrooms in the Philippines. All these will be fulfilled by PCX together with HOPE.

HOPE, the Philippines’ first certified B Corp, is an impact organization that has consistently been ‘Best for the World.’ Since 2012, HOPE has been committing 100% of its profits to improve public school infrastructure, increase livelihood opportunities, and enable efforts that conserve the environment.

To date, HOPE has had 116 classroom builds, impacted 23,187 students, reached 15,487 farmers, and sequestered 1,213 tons of carbon through tree planting.

“We want to provide an opportunity for companies to amplify their impact,” says Ilusion Farias, PCX’s Impact Director. This type of credit is a tool we can use to tackle multiple issues head on, such as education, livelihood, environment, and many others. We are excited to offer this and continue working with our partners to make a difference where it is needed the most, and that’s what we believe HOPE can help us achieve given its network and reach.”

Designed to cater to different goals and financial capacities, the SDG Gold Credit is customizable. The amount of plastic offsets and carbon offsets, as well as investments in education, can be adjusted accordingly. Add-ons such as relief pledges and community clean-ups are also available.

The SDG Gold Credit is now available through PCX Markets.

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