Pure Brewing joins PCX

Jul 15, 2022


Craft brewery Pure Brewing partners with PCX to offset its corporate plastic footprint in an effort to amplify their impact.

Founded on the idea of bringing pure, unique, and local ingredients to the business of craft beer, Pure Brewing produces beer that is faithful to their mantra: Do what’s right, even if it costs more. The company follows various pillars of sustainability in all their operations, such as ‘Reduce Impact,’ manifested in their commitment to purchasing only locally sourced and sustainably farmed grains from the US. Pure Brewing also employs waste reduction methods, from eliminating plastic in their to-go products to using recycled paper instead.

The company adheres to their ‘Educate and Uplift’ principle in-house by releasing informational content about their sustainability ethos while also raising awareness on their non-profit partners, including Plastic Bank, Outdoor Outreach, and The Conservation Alliance.

“Pure Brewing has always believed in beer as a force for good,” says Patrick Baskin, PCX’s US Director of Development. “We’re proud to partner with them on their journey to be the most sustainable beer brand in the world.”