The Aling Tindera Network is a community of female micro-entrepreneurs we empower to manage sustainable waste-to-cash systems. We equip each of them with the resources and training to run plastic waste collection stations and be champions for sustainability in their communities. This market based mechanism encourages behavior change at the grass roots to not treat plastic as trash but as a resource to feed back into a circular economy.

Certification: PPRS

Available Credits: 2022: 100

Cost: USD 300/MT


Committed to helping organizations kickstart circular plastic supply chains, Second Life collects plastic waste in biodiversity hotspots and vulnerable areas to support environmental regeneration and community development. Its plastic waste recovery and recycling program is the first to be certified by Verra which creates and manages environmental standards and frameworks that are recognized internationally. PCX will be making available these Verra-certified plastic credits through the PCX Markets platform.

Certification: Verra

Available Credits: 2022: 1,000

Cost: USD 650/MT



Nam Vang Ha Nam Polyester Staple Fiber is a Vietnam-based recycler that specializes in the production of polyester staple fiber from recycled PET. This processor is a partner of Royal Rainbow Recycling in the Philippines collecting various kinds of PET bottles and pre-processes them for export to Vietnam, among other partners. Nam Vang Ha Nam exports their products to USA and China among others where the resins are given another use, empowering a global circular economy,

Certification: PPRS (Through Royal Rainbow Recycling)

Cost: USD 200/MT making these Verra-certified plastic credits available through the PCX Markets platform.

Volume: 500 MT per mo.


Sungai Watch is an Indonesian-based organization that installs innovative barriers in rivers and collects the plastics to introduce to their recycling facility. Indonesia ranks second on the top polluters of marine plastic in the world.The barriers trap plastics and organic materials such that these wastes do not end up in the ocean. To-date, Sungai Watch has installed 120 barriers and covers over 200 community clean ups. This translates to at least 444,467 kgs of plastics collected. The organization is on a mission to restore and protect Indonesia’s rivers and clean the country’s rivers by where the resins are given another use, empowering a global circular economy,

Certification: PPRS (Pending)

Cost: USD 2369/MT

Current Volume: 444 MT


With the shared objective of providing more opportunities for companies to contribute to positive change, PCX partnered with HOPE to generate the ‘SDG Gold Credit.’ Inspired by the collective call to action of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which address
various global challenges, this credit goes beyond plastic waste management by including impact areas such as education and livelihood. The bundled credit offers companies the chance
to engage in three key activities: plastic offsets, carbon offsets, and investments in education
that help build public school classrooms in the Philippines. All these will be fulfilled by PCX together with HOPE.

Certification: PPRS

Available Credits: 2022: 20,000

Cost: USD 225/MT

Audit: Yes


The SUEZ plant converts 30,000 tonnes of locally-sourced plastic low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) packaging waste into high-quality post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastics replacing fossil resources to produce films and bags for the industry. SCP is designed to achieve one of the highest water reuse rates for recycling plants in the country and helps avoid 35,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

Certification: PPRS

Available Credits: 2022: 7,000

Cost: USD 200/MT



The tire market in the Philippines is expected to surpass $900 million by 2021 on account of expanding passenger car fleets, continuing infrastructure growth and large scale construction activities being undertaken in the country. Tires are approx. 24% plastic. “Future of Global Tires 2024” report a market size of over 2.36 billion units of tires growing at 3.1% compound annual rate with an estimated micro plastic contribution of at least 1.8 million tons. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, estimated that tires account for as much as 10% of overall micro plastic waste in the world’s oceans. A 2017 report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature put that number at 28%.

Certification: PPRS

Available Credits: 2022: 20,000

Cost: USD 175/MT


Republic Cement’s EcoLoop taps sustainable and environmentally compliant co-processing technologies that help scale up the plastic waste diversion process - using post-consumer plastics as alternative fuel to replace coal. Republic has several facilities around the country and accepts end of life plastics.

Certification: PPRS

Available Credits: 2022: 20,000

Cost: USD 200/MT