Unilever ramps up sustainability efforts with Plastic Credit Exchange partnership 

5 September 2020

Since 2010, Unilever has launched efforts to curtail packaging waste in its value chain in line with its global Sustainable Living Plan. This is anchored in its mission to make everyday sustainable living possible.

Taking an important step forward, Unilever Philippines has partnered with Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx) to responsibly offset its plastic footprint by accelerating its plastic collection efforts, thus reducing the flow of plastic waste into landfills and oceans.

The Unilever Sustainable Living Plan sets out to decouple the company's growth from its environmental footprint, while increasing its positive social impact. (Photo courtesy of Unilever Philippines)

“With the global population relying on limited resources, the need for a multi-stakeholder and holistic approach on managing plastic waste grows more urgent,” shared Ed Sunico, Unilever Vice President for Communications for South East Asia.

"We are thrilled, but not at all surprised, to welcome Unilever to the PCEx community. Unilever was founded with a sense of purpose that dates all the way back to the Lever Brothers and continues to this day with its Sustainable Living Plan. I have long admired how every brand at Unilever is expected to have a purpose - today, we take action on a shared purpose- to clean up post consumer plastic and make sure it doesn’t wind up in nature," said PCEx Founder and Chairwoman Nanette Medved-Po.

PCEx conducts training sessions for its Aling Tindera partners to provide them with livelihood opportunities that protect the environment while building their leadership skills.

With PCEx, Unilever unlocks a collaboration that supports an integrated platform for the collection, transport, processing, and recycling of plastic waste. The impact made will accelerate and complement Unilever's sustainability targets that focus on the collection of post-consumer sachet waste in communities across through a product exchange incentive program.

"Unilever seeks to build these meaningful partnerships and we are grateful to work with Plastic Credit Exchange through our shared mission to support communities and protect the environment," Mr. Sunico added.

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