Shakey's Pizza is the first food service company to pursue Plastic Neutral Certification

17 September 2020

Shakey's Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc. (SPAVI), market leader in the chained pizza full-service and chained full-service restaurant categories, is the first food service to pursue plastic neutral certification through the Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx). This means they will subject its plastic footprint and plastic offsets to a full third party audit and verification on an annual basis.

In 2019, SPAVI launched its 'Journey to Sustainability' awareness campaign, which strictly prohibited plastic straws and cups in all Shakey's Pizza restaurants. In addition to plastic reduction, SPAVI offset its remaining plastic footprint worth approximately 150,000 kilograms to bring it down to zero. SPAVI also continues to source its bottled water from Hope in a Bottle, an impact company which itself maintains a net zero plastic footprint.

By achieving Plastic Neutral Certification through PCEx, SPAVI can successfully meet its expanded ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) criteria. Fulfilling a set of global standards for plastic neutrality will allow SPAVI to maintain its path to sustainability that is actionable and transparent with its customers and stakeholders.

To mitigate its environmental impact and ecological footprint, SPAVI reduces its plastic packaging and offsets its remaining plastic footprint through PCEx. Photo courtesy of SPAVI.

"We are grateful to be partnering with PCEx and are pleased to be the first chain restaurant brand in the Philippines to begin offsetting in 2019, and by our calculations have achieved 100% plastic neutrality already. We aim to continue this and will work towards third-party certification of our neutrality,” said Vicente L. Gregorio, President and CEO of SPAVI. "This is a stepping stone towards our vision to be a responsible food company. We are working further to integrate sustainability in the way we run our business, and will continue in this direction for the betterment of SPAVI."

"We are encouraged by companies such as Shakey's Pizza that are making long-term commitments to reduce and offset their plastic usage," said Oliver C. Sicam, Marketing and Strategy Director at PCEx. "With support from such business leaders, Plastic Credit Exchange has diverted more than 6 million kilograms of plastic waste from the environment and is making environmental protection real and sustainable."

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