Birch Tree pledges Plastic Neutrality through Plastic Credit Exchange

11 September 2020

In 2019, Century Pacific Food, Inc. (CPFI) had set a goal to manage its post-consumer plastic waste, in line with overarching environmental, social, and governance efforts (ESG). When impact company, HOPE, shared a path to plastic neutrality with the company, CPFI was quick to act towards its goals.

CPFI then partnered with Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx) to purchase plastic credits equivalent to more than the entire plastic footprint of Birch Tree, bringing its milk brand's total plastic footprint down to net zero for the previous year.

"Birch Tree has pledged to make its entire product portfolio plastic neutral," said Ray Guinoo, Marketing Director for Dairy at CPFI. "Having offset 100% of its plastic footprint over the last year, with a commitment to continuously offset in the future, we are thrilled for Birch Tree to become the first-ever plastic neutral powdered milk brand in the Philippines."

Taking its commitment one step further, Birch Tree opted for environmental transparency by applying for Plastic Neutral Certification through PCEx. Through third party auditors, PCEx will verify both Birch Tree's plastic footprint as well as their plastic offsets, to ensure that the latter makes a real, sustainable, impact to ending plastic waste.

“Our brands represent quality, value-for-money products. We hope that they will eventually stand for responsible consumption as well," Century Pacific Group President Christopher Po said in an interview.

Plastic Neutral Certified is a global standard for businesses, brands and products that have taken bold action in offsetting as much plastic as they generate throughout their whole operations.

When PCEx launched its Aling Tindera Waste-to-Cash program earlier in the year, the team at Birch Tree were quick to sign up, citing their shared goal of diverting plastic bound for the ocean and landfills whilst combating poverty, especially for women.

In addition to purchasing plastic credits and pursuing Plastic Neutral Certification, Birch Tree will be sponsoring an initial 2 plastic collection points through the Aling Tindera program.

“Increasingly consumers are looking for transparent and credible action against plastic waste,” said Mr. Guinoo. "It’s high time for businesses to reach out to their consumers in taking on the challenge of caring for both planet and community.”

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