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Plastic Footprint Calculator

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The objective of this calculator is to aid you and your independent auditor in the assessment of your plastic footprint as defined in the Plastic Neutral Pact. Here, we outline the different possible sources of plastic within your business, so that you may plot volumes within a given time frame accordingly.


Using these measurement standards allows your organization follow a process when collecting data, and more importantly helps you to identify plastic reduction opportunities. If you are applying for a Plastic Neutral certification please ensure that you submit a true and certified copy of this document to PCX along with your application.


1. All input data pertains only to the company being assessed, and not any of its stakeholders (e.g. employees).


2. All input data shall have as its basis only purchases the company has made and recorded on its books.


3. All input data shall fall under a defined period of assessment. 

Scope Summary

The scope of the plastic footprint calculator covers all the plastic generated along the value chain starting upon ownership and receipt of raw materials up until use of product/ service by consumers in its intended purpose. This includes all raw and packaging materials inputs, materials used during production, transport, advertising and promotion, and consumption in its original packaging (for products). The plastic footprint represents an inventory, in unit of mass, of plastic leakage into the environment.

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