PCX launches circular economy consultancy arm

Jun 04, 2022


Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX), the world’s first global non-profit plastic credit platform, launched PCX Solutions, a consultancy arm that provides advisory on pre-consumer strategies for businesses to assess their plastic footprint and create programs that match their sustainability goals.

Headed by sustainability expert Vincent Kneefel, PCX Solutions aims to scale up circular economy infrastructure by helping companies reduce unessential plastic and increase their circularity. It can also certify brands that wish to achieve Net Zero Plastic Waste under the Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard (PPRS).

“At PCX Solutions, we support businesses so they can help create systemic change,” said Kneefel. “A circular economy model can bring $4.5 trillion in opportunities globally over the next decade, and companies that are first movers will have the most to gain.”

Currently, PCX works with leading consumer packaging goods producers such as Pepsi Co., Nestle and Colgate Palmolive, as well as global institutional partners such as USAID, the International Solid Waste Association and UN-Habitat.

“We’re proud to be participating in pre-consumer solutions that will help set our upcoming Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in the Philippines for success,” said Nanette Medved-Po, PCX founder and executive chair. “We look forward to helping ensure that we are stopping the flow of plastics into nature and doing our part to build a more circular economy.”

PCX Solutions forms part of PCX’s broader plastic clean-up mechanism. To date, it has diverted 32,270,850 kilos of plastic waste away from nature.