Nat Chuchat joins PCX as Thailand’s Country Manager

Sep 14, 2022


PCX is thrilled to announce the onboarding of country manager, Natchari “Nat” Chuchat, who will lead the company’s Thailand operations.

Chuchat is an environmental scientist and engineer with almost 18 years of experience in the fields of circular economy, recycling-EPR schemes, decarbonization, and climate policy, among others.

Before joining PCX, Chuchat worked at KPMG Thailand, where she was responsible for promoting ESG investing, sustainability, and climate change services to various clients. In 2020, she worked at WWF Thailand under the Waste Management and Circular Economy (No Plastics in Nature Initiative) team, where she helped implement the Plastic Smart Cities (PSC) program. She was also a PhD researcher under the Erasmus Mundus scholarship which focused on environmental and biochemical technology.

“I am sincerely grateful to be a part of PCX’s journey,” says Chuchat. “As an environmentalist, accelerating the latest solutions has always been part of my personal mission. I am looking forward to working with the PCX team in making my country plastic-free for the sake of our planet and the next generations. There’s no time to waste.”

As Thailand’s point person, Chuchat will expand PCX’s impact in the country by identifying opportunities for corporate partnerships while helping contribute to local policy or EPR processes.

“Thailand is a critical market in the fight to end plastic waste entering the environment,” says PCX Markets CEO Sebastian DiGrande. “We are excited to have Nat joining the PCX team, as she will leverage her expertise to work closely with our project partners to accelerate development and certification of compelling, impactful projects which we can offer on our PCX Markets platform.”