India’s ReCircle Credits Now Available on PCX Markets

Jun 01, 2022


With the goal of amplifying positive impact across the world, PCX has partnered with waste management company ReCircle to release the latter’s plastic credits on PCX Markets.

ReCircle, an Indian Resource Recovery Enterprise, works with both consumers and producers to enable a sustainable, circular economy. The company works to divert waste away from landfills and oceans through an ethical and traceable reverse supply system which includes waste collectors and aggregators. Its streamlined operations are further facilitated by two self-owned Material Recovery Facilities in Mumbai.

Working primarily with plastic waste recovery, alongside other recyclables like paper, metal, and glass, ReCircle collects, cleans, segregates, processes, and converts these recovered resources into new raw materials, thereby creating virgin resources that ultimately feed back into the circular economy. As of March 2022, the company has recovered and recycled 25.9 million kg of waste from 102 cities, towns, and villages in India.

The company also aims to uplift the lives of the nation’s disadvantaged informal waste workers–Raddiwalas (waste pickers) and Safai Saathis (garbage collectors and processors) by formalizing them into an inclusive and organized employment landscape.

The UN Development Programme estimates that there are over four million Safai Saathis in India, ‘invisible environmentalists’ who are the backbone of the country’s waste management system. Increased incomes and secure livelihoods are just some of the many benefits experienced by the 2,223+ workers empowered by ReCircle to date.

“We are thrilled to be offering ReCircle’s credits on PCX Markets,” says Zoe Hilson, PCX’s Commercial Director. “This will give companies the opportunity to expand their impact and for us to scale up this fight against plastic pollution, not to mention help support the thousands of waste workers who’ll get to benefit from the stable work ReCircle’s system provides them.”

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