Stop ocean plastic and

create social impact.

It’s important we recognize that even as individuals we have the power to make changes in our lives that add up to a substantial difference over the months and years, resulting in less plastic in nature.


Refuse, reduce, reuse, and recycle what you can and already that means several less pieces of plastic to float around for centuries.


Go the distance and help put an end to ocean plastic by purchasing plastic offsets here and get a digital certificate you can print and display. Or give the gift of sustainability, and honor your friends and family with plastic offsets and help us clean up the planet today.


Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx) is a Philippines-based non-profit organization that partners with sustainability-conscious businesses around the globe to responsibly offset their plastic footprint, and reduce the flow of plastic waste into our landfills and oceans. 

PCEx has built a wide ecosystem of collaborators that recover, process and recycle plastic waste, and continuously seeks out the most environmentally and sound solutions to plastic waste reduction. PCEx supports environmental protection with programs that improve livelihoods and scale up social impact.

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