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Plastic Footprint Registry

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The Plastic Credit Exchange's Plastic Footprint Registry is a credible and transparent service for reporting plastic footprints.

Participation in the Plastic Footprint Registry is now open to companies pursuing Plastic Neutral Certification. This program is a voluntary registry and publishes plastic footprints declared by companies using our Plastic Footprint Calculator.

Company Name
Certification Coverage
Declared Plastic Footprint (MT)
Period of Plastic Footprint
PepsiCo Philippines
Brand | Lay's, Quaker
Pending Certification
Century Pacific Food, Inc.
Brand | Century, Birch Tree, Swift, Hunt's, Coco Mama, Wow, Home Pride, Angel, Argentina, and Fresca
Pending Certification
GenerationHope, Inc.
Brand | Hope in a Bottle, Hope in a Box, (Not Just) TUBIG
2018 - 2019
Pending Certification
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