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Plastic Neutral Badge

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This badge represents thousands of products that have taken action against plastic pollution, stopping over 5 million kilograms worth of land and water contamination, and improving the lives of many. It is carried by products, brands, and companies to visibly communicate that they have achieved Plastic Neutrality in line with the Plastic Neutral Pact.  


Our badge represents four important aspects in our mission.

The Material:


The Goal:


The Outcome:


The Inspiration:


Plastic Neutral Pact

The Plastic Neutral Pact is an open guide to achieving Plastic Neutrality through verified plastic offsets and describes a framework for the implementation of a credible and verifiable plastic offsetting and plastic crediting program. This is the basis for the recognition of Plastic Neutral Certifications granted by Plastic Credit Exchange.

You can read the Plastic Neutral Pact by

downloading the PDF or through the sections below.

The content is identical is both places.


Plastic Footprint Calculator

Download the Plastic Footprint Calculator and we can help you assess your company's plastic footprint. It's the first step to going Plastic Neutral. 

Calculate your footprint >



Definition of Terms


Guiding Principles

Plastic Crediting Process

Plastic Neutral Certification Process

Safeguard Systems

Offset your Plastic Footprint. Go Plastic Neutral. Make a difference for a more sustainable world.

Plastic Credit Exchange (PCEx) is a Philippines-based non-profit organization that partners with sustainability-conscious businesses around the globe to responsibly offset their plastic footprint, and reduce the flow of plastic waste into our landfills and oceans. 

PCEx has built a wide ecosystem of collaborators that recover, process and recycle plastic waste, and continuously seeks out the most environmentally and sound solutions to plastic waste reduction. PCEx supports environmental protection with programs that improve livelihoods and scale up social impact.

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