Century continues to reduce plastic footprint

Oct 18, 2022


CENTURY Pacific Food Inc. (CNPF) announced the plastic neutral certification of its brands for the second year in a row signifying the company’s full compliance to the Extended Producer Responsibility Act of 2022, which requires companies to establish initiatives that would reduce the need for the use of plastic products.

The firm’s brands that have been certified include Argentina, Birch Tree, Coco Mama, unMEAT, Hunt’s, Swift, Century Quality Bangus, Angel Coffee Creamer, Wow, Home Pride and Choco Hero. These specific CNPF brands make use of flexible plastic packaging while other names, such as Century and 555, make use of only tin and paper products.

“For manufacturers like us, participating in an offsetting program like this is the first step in becoming more responsible for our impact footprint, as the structural inability to prevent plastic waste from leaking into nature is causing significant damage to our ecosystem right now,” Gregory Banzon, CNPF executive vice president and chief operating officer, said.

Since 2019, CNPF has been committed to managing the plastic footprint of its brands through the Plastic Credit Exchange (PCX), the world’s first fully integrated plastic offset program.

PCX engages with a third-party assurance group, PricewaterhouseCoopers, to audit plastic footprints of participating companies and certify their respective offsets.

The company was able to effectively recover and offset a total of 4,300 metric tons of plastic waste through the program.

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