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Definition of Terms


Aggregators: An individual, a group of individuals or an organization (government or non-government) who collect post-consumer plastic waste and forwards to a materials recovery facility or a processing partner.


Assessment: The process of quantifying the plastic footprint of a given entity (business, brand, or product) through a third-party independent auditor, using transparent methods that are consistent throughout every organization.


Auditor: An individual or an entity who is tasked to perform assessment or process review of any Partner, Aggregators or Processors.


Awarded Plastic Credit: A plastic credit purchased and assigned to a Partner


Certification Period: The duration for which a Plastic Neutral Certification is applied to an entity. 


Credit Registry: A database of plastic credits and their transactions with a unique identifier, and where credits are published upon issuance to offset an equivalent amount of plastic waste.


Offset partner: An individual, a group of people or a corporation  purchasing plastic credits and/or applying for plastic neutral certification.


Operating Partner: May refer to any of aggregators, haulers, processors or combination of these plastic processing activites.


Plastic/s: Any of a group of synthetic or natural organic materials, including resins, resinoids, polymers, cellulose derivatives, casein materials, and proteins.


Plastic Credit: A verified plastic offset, a transactable environmental tool representing a unit of weight, typically 1,000 kilogram or 1 ton, of plastic waste. 


Plastic Footprint: the amount of plastic emitted into the environment as a result of the activities of a business throughout its value chain. This includes plastics emitted through manufacture, distribution, promotion and sale of its product or service, as well as general and administrative functions. This represents an inventory, in units of mass (kg or metric ton) of plastic waste.


Plastic Neutral: The state which is achieved when the net plastic footprint associated with a

company, brand, or product is reduced to zero for a defined period.


Plastic Offsetting: The act of compensating for plastic waste.


Processors: A facility that receives, treats or converts post-consumer plastic waste into other useful forms through material or energy recovery


Verification: Independent evaluation conducted by any qualified third party/ies to check that the quality of input data, plastic footprint assessment, or that the use of a Plastic Neutral badge

meets the requirements of a Plastic Neutral certification and is in line with the approach and

principles of the Plastic Pollution Reduction Standard.

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